Private Banking & Wealth Management Encyclopedia Compilation 2010-2020

The Hungarian Private Banking and Wealth Management market 2010-2020 Encyclopedia was created with the aim of making the databases, deeper connections, the habits, motivations, and psychology of the domestic affluent class, behind wealth management trends more accessible and researchable for all players in the sphere of economics.

The series also summarizes our store of data and forecasts of the last decade from which we can safely state that the collection is an unprecedented, and unique local body of knowledge in the Central and Eastern European region and has become a manifestation of the modern economic history of the Hungarian financial sector.

  • The fintech developments and digital designs of the Hungarian and international financial services are reviewed in detail and supported by years of our professional materials.
  • We forecast and summarize the financial consumption and investment needs of the wealthy with reliable accuracy. We monitor and analyze Hungarian and international wealth and asset management trends, as well as the psychological background of clients' financial reactions.
  • In terms of price-value ratio, we adjusted our Encyclopedia collection to the budget of domestic market service providers.

Our "Annual Survey of the Hungarian Private Banking and Asset Management Market" Encyclopedia collection has 10 Yearbooks and contains historical summary data sheets and international and domestic professional analyzes on more than 2,400 pages.