Private Banking Trainings

Blochamps Capital Ltd. is happy to welcome requests to train private banking consultants for domestic financial service providers. The main aim of the “Blochamps Private Banking Training Seminar”, launched in 2011, is to update and expand professional knowledge.

For many years, Blochamps has been devoting a lot of attention to our one-day, personalized private bank workshop event, which expands financial knowledge beyond basic training, and is constructed with flexible and dynamic guidance in mind. We are convinced that the age of static, frontal and long-term education has expired, and the low interest environment has upvalued private banking skills and knowledge – Blochamps responded to this when constructing our private banking training with situational games, sales and psychological situational practices. Intensive think-tanking, the expansion of the horizontal and vertical depths of the sector thus intensifies the efficiency of further training.

We believe that our special knowledge and our different list of events, the unique 1-4 day training that is based on intensive and interactive scenarios, will help our partner businesses succeed. Blochamps Capital, during the “Private Banking Soft Skill Training & Workshop” day, carries out a series of work-based assignments requiring active participation in content and training, which is always closed by esenting the best domestic practice. Private bank advisers will be actively involved in the process of knowledge transfer and teamwork, while they are given immediate valuable feedback.

Our product development is tailor- made, not only for training, but also for strategic business planning, a specific workshops tailored as a series of three or four occasions of personality and business activities. The specialty of the training is based on flexible professionalism and on the database and knowledge held only by our Company in Hungary. Over the last few years, we have seen our success in the dedicated educations and workshops of more than 50 private bankers of 8 service providers.

The main objectives of the Blochamps Private Banking Training Program are

  • Strengthening the specific knowledge of the private banking sector, accepting and implementing development opportunities during the practical work.
  • Presentation and practical development of personal tools (negotiation techniques, personal action, presentation, contact techniques, situation exercises).
  • Describing potential customer groups, familiarizing with the most successful customer acquisition, customer management and retention processes associated with these customer groups based on business examples.
  • Determining the most effective sales techniques based on personal experience, solutions and then benchmarking with domestic market player’s performance.
  • The range of unique services provided by the Company is expanded by the monthly “Blochamp Private Banking Brainstorming Presentatn” series for Private Banking customers and Senior Private Banking Relationship Managers, which is provided by our our experts.
  • The lectures summarize the dominant domestic market processes, contain possible responses to change as a reaction, and provide an outlook for the international private banking market. This monthly issued, vertically and horizontally expansive sector specific collection is only available at our Company in Hungary.