Business Policy

Complex, personalized service

The basis of the Company's business policy is the classic interpretation of the so-called "private-banker", which can be translated to Hungarian as a " personal banker". The term "private" comes from the Latin word "privatus" and has a complex meaning: on the one hand, it means privacy, the inner world of the individual, and on the other hand, secrecy, a confidential atmosphere. These concepts faithfully reflect the essence of the private banking service: a personalized service based on a high degree of trust and discretion, adapted to the maximum of individual needs.

Building on years of business experience, our company strives to provide the Clients with services that fully take into account the expectations of the Client's needs, to contribute to the filling of the private-banking service spirit with meaningful content. The Blochamps Capital Kft's business philosophy focuses on personal attention and a partnership of trust, allowing us to deliver service with the essence of "private banking" to both our consulting clients as bank managers and our corporate clients. From the very beginning of the cooperation, the Company strives to get to know the Client's business philosophy and needs, assesses the Client's expectations in the course of personal consultations, and selects proposals in accordance with the Client's priority criteria as an independent expert.

Private banking is one of the most sophisticated financial services, yet private banking services were not available in Hungary before 1994. For years, banks have not considered exclusive care for wealthy customers to be strategically vital, and customer relations have been strained in the usage of fundamental banking services. The rise of services and the wealth of the economic elite at the turn of the millennium prompted a growing number of diversified investors to invest in liquid capital. In a changing banking environment, the needs of customers with liquid assets have increased for discretion, preservation of traditions, tailor-made services and exclusive service. We believe that there is a unique solution to every problem. In the course of our work with our clients and partners, we strive for creativity, assertiveness and flexibility in all aspects of our working relationship and collaboration.

Due to a lack of time and competence, those who want to invest are not always able to take care of their money in depth, and this necessitates a more concentrated expertise due to the continually evolving range of financial products. Therefore, relying on the opinion of the bank's financial advisor is a safe decision and a well-founded one. The task of Blochamps is to provide professional support to the work of banking advisors, to continuously monitor the international knowledge base of the private banking profession, and to examine the transferability of market trends and foreign best practices to the domestic market.

Exclusivity, Flexibility, Independence

Over the past nearly a decade and a half, Blochamps Capital Kft has become the largest independent consulting company in the Hungarian private banking market, and our research, measurements, presentations and consultations are used as a reference by both the Hungarian private banking profession and the media. In the course of our work, we have had to compete in the consulting market with great competitors that have a global network and clientele. To do so, we needed to approach work after the millennium with an altogether new approach, based on local resources and built without the assistance of an international network. We've used local resources to get a cost-effective advantage against massive global consulting companies, the industry's international giants, by offering outstanding value.

We have established a relationship of trust with Hungarian private bank managers and consultants, and in addition to the work based on quantitative data processing, we have strived for uniqueness, locally meaningful information in order to provide our partners with reliable, accurate and unparalleled quality work. For our private banking service providers, Blochamps transparently translates the customer needs and current trends of the ever-changing private banking sector. This will enable industry leaders to improve their strategic planning and operational efficiency.

We are happy to be able to assist our corporate clients with their treasury work and to help the domestic private banking sector with our services in order to meet the needs of a continuously changing and complex environment. Since the founding of the Company, one partner acquisition concept, based on a private banking approach, has become an integral part of the business policy: trying to achieve the expansion of our customer base primarily through the recommendation of satisfied Clients.