About Us

In contest with the world! We strive for more to be better both in price/value ratio and in the structure of the essential local knowledge.

Blochamps Capital Ltd. has been present in the financial sector since 1998. The company’s Financial advisory department began its function with the goal of providing financial-, business consultancy, and advisory services to both individuals and clients of legal entities. During the last 10 years Blochamps Capital Ltd. has been providing business consultancy and advisory services for domestic private banking service providers as the most prominent independent advisory company in the Hungarian private banking market.

It’s a challenge to convey the sector’s whole year of operation in a proper way with accurate descriptions of all the processes which undoubtedly requires responsibility. We honestly hope that our previous successful performance, the professional services we offer will provide insight and help for all of our partners to work more effectively better in the private banking sector.

Since 2004, Blochamps Capital Ltd. has been continuously monitoring domestic private banking operation and fulfilling professional requests coming from the sector. The Corporation’s expansive reference regarding business advisory services in the field of domestic private banking sector are confirmed both by the countless studies we offered, and all the successfully completed assignments.

Just to mention one of our latest appreciations, we feel honoured to be awarded by the 2018 Euromoney Private Banking and Wealth Management Awards in the category of Social Impact Investing.

We convey market events and forecasts based on critically accurate facts and a professional appearance. Hard and determined work was the key to secure our prominent position as the leading private banking business advisors in the domestic market. István Karagich, the managing director of Blochamps Capital Ltd. is the most demanded independent private banking advisor in Hungary. In addition to regular appearances in the business press and presenter at countless financial conferences, he also lectures at universities. Blochamps Capital Ltd. operates with eight employees – three of them are responsible for the professional aspects of the workload, while other five employees work on assistance, back office, sales and marketing.